Completed the web site for now

  • SumoMe

Rewriting my website with WordPress and I have to say I am amazed at how easy it is been. My only previous web experience has been writing a website with iWeb, which is a sort of website for dummies application that comes along with the software included when you buy a Mac. It was pretty good at working around things that gave you problems, but nothing like as easy as WordPress.

I’ve got a recommendation for anybody who is thinking about building their own website and even though it may not be as flashy as something that is written by a professional, there’s a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that you created something for yourself. I’m sure that I’ll improve the site as time goes on and I learn more about how to use it.

I got up and running using an e-book downloaded from Amazon called “WordPress two go -how to build a WordPress website on your own domain from scratch. Even if you are a computer beginner.” By Sarah McHarry. Thank you Sarah, I built a website in a day!