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Let’s start with a little confession. I haven’t written a blog for two years and I would like to right one regularly. I began to wonder why, if I want to write a blog, have I never at the discipline to do it?

Rather than thinking about all the reasons I can think of that make me want to write a blog, I thought I turn the puzzle on its head and think of the reasons why I would like to write a blog. Now if you’re looking for one of those sites they give you 10 reasons, 15 reasons, or 100 reasons to write a blog, then this is not it. Although I never like to disappoint my audience so perhaps you’d like to look at the graphic below which contains all the reasons that I found from scanning the Internet. I’m grateful to Michael B Fishbean, Joshua Becker and Susan Gunelius for providing me with the words I needed to make the graphic.

As you can see there is no shortage of reasons to write a blog, the question that I am left with, therefore is which of these reasons actually apply to me. I can discount the one about making money as I have no expectation that anybody will read this blog, or any advertiser would be foolish enough to sponsor my writing. The same goes for marketing my business, although if you are reading this blog and you have a need for my services I will be very happy to speak to you.

Establishing authority is a possibility, I would like to people to see me as a person who enjoyed reading and who has some expertise in my chosen field. I’d like to stand out in a crowded market, I would like to be creative and to attract an audience. I certainly want to share knowledge as during my lifetime I have accumulated much that I would like to share with other people and perhaps sure their journey to achieving their own knowledge and this I guess qualifies as helping people.

These are all great reasons to write a blog and to use the platform that is gifted to us all to reach for the people, but there is one more than all of these but I hope to share in the coming weeks and months. That is to simply tell my story, the story of my journey, the reasons why I talk the road that I took and to share the skills and knowledge that I gathered along the way. I hope you will stay with me on this journey and that you will talk to me and we can have some fun along the way.

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